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Take 2 is a free non-clinical family mental health support service. It is available to young people under 18 who live in Cairns North, Northern Beaches, Cairns South and the City area.

Take 2’s early intervention service focuses specifically on the needs of children and young people within a family context.

Take 2 works alongside families with kids and teens who may be at risk of developing mental health issues in the future. 

The team meet with families and work to set goals. They provide practical support, mentoring and referral to other mental health professionals to get the young person the support they need if required.

Take 2 offers practical help

The  goal is to provide flexible, responsive options and participants can expect services to offer the support outlined below:

  • Intensive early intervention support for children, young people and their families which may include: assessment and identification of needs; practical assistance and home-based support; linking with other relevant services; and, targeted therapeutic groups.
  • Short-term immediate assistance for families which may include assessment of needs, information or referrals, and limited support.
  • Mental health education, mentoring and community development activities which may include: organisation of and participation in community events; and, general group work in the community.

Services will accept referrals of children and young people from any source, including self-referrals, and conduct an initial brief screening process to ensure this is the appropriate service for them. We do require a parent or carer 

A formal diagnosis of mental illness is not required to access these services. The young person might be experiencing sadness, excessive worry, fear, anger, fatigue, or boredom; having difficulties with peers, or struggling to cope with a significant life event.

Take 2 Cultural Program

Take 2 Cultural is facilitated by Gerry Surha, an Elder respected by the Yirrganydji people, the traditional owners of the Cairns area in Northern Queensland. He has partnered with Stride to incorporate cultural learnings into our early intervention initiatives to support their long-term mental health through reconnection to Country.

The program provides one-on-one and group sessions during school hours for young people aged from 6-17 years who are struggling with school, or life in general. The program encourages consistent routines and school attendance is necessary for the students to participate in the program.

Working within primary and high schools the Take 2 Cultural Program aims to mentor vulnerable young people as they build their sense of identity, purpose and hope for a meaningful future into their lives and learn about their history and culture.

Take 2 FAQs:

What is Take 2?

Take 2 is a free family mental health support service provided by Stride Mental Health in Cairns, Queensland. It focuses on early intervention for children and young people within a family context.

Who can access Take 2 services?

Take 2 services are available to young people under 18 living in the Cairns North, South, or City areas who are at risk of or experiencing early signs of mental health concerns, and have a parent or carer willing to engage with the service.

What support does Take 2 offer?

Take 2 offers intensive early intervention support, short-term immediate assistance, and community outreach activities. This includes assessment and identification of needs, practical assistance, linking with other services, and targeted therapeutic groups.

What is the Take 2 Cultural Program?

The Take 2 Cultural Program, facilitated by Gerry Surha, aims to support long-term mental health through cultural learnings and reconnection to Country. It provides one-on-one and group sessions for young people aged 6-17 who are struggling with school or life in general.

How can I access the Take 2 Cultural Program?

To learn more about the Take 2 Cultural Program and how to participate, you can visit the website or contact Stride Mental Health directly.

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