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Take the first step towards better mental health

Our mental health services help people across many ages and locations. See how our services can help you.

Whatever Is Going On, We’re Here For You

Mental health can affect every part of life. As specialists in both early intervention and complex needs, we bring expertise to every aspect of mental health – from therapy and daily support, all the way to finding a job and home.

Helping Kids Get A Head Start

It’s never too early to think about emotional wellbeing. At Stride, our experts provide top children’s mental health services to help set your child up for whatever life brings.

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Guiding Growing Minds

Did you know 63% of mental health conditions arise before the age of 25?* Our youth mental health services can help young people turn things around.

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Navigating Adult Life

Stride brings adult mental health services together. You’ll find all the support you need here to help you start moving forward.

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See inspiring people in their stride

Lives change at Stride. Many of us are on the recovery journey, but it’s seeing how far we’ve come that makes it all worthwhile.

Caring For The Carers

Family and carers need support too. Our family mental health carers support services help care for the people who give every day.

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Partner With Us

We’re always looking to work with government, hospitals and peer organisations to improve mental health outcomes.

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Refer A Client

Health practitioners can find a range of support services for their clients at Stride. Find out more or fill in a referral form.

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Thanks to stride and the support workers I have the opportunity to cook my favorite meal spaghetti bolognese for myself and other residents every week. I never had that before.

Frank, Sydney

*Solmi, M., Radua, J., Olivola, M., Croce, E., Soardo, L., Salazar de Pablo, G., … & Fusar-Poli, P. (2022). Age at onset of mental disorders worldwide: large-scale meta-analysis of 192 epidemiological studies. Molecular psychiatry, 27(1), 281-295.

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