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What Is Environmental Wellness?

Your sense of safety, comfort, and connection with your physical surroundings is referred to as environmental wellbeing. It entails thinking about how your surroundings, your community and yourself interact.

Living in closer harmony with the world and your community can improve your environmental wellbeing. Wellness begins with your immediate surroundings. Your mental condition, emotional wellbeing and productivity are all influenced by your personal space. Environmental health encompasses not just your own space but also bigger communities, geographic areas and the entire planet.

Environmental wellness is living in a caring and healthy environment, as well as being aware of and respectful of the environment in which we live. The environment in which you live has a significant influence on how you feel. People who live in nations with a lot of rain and overcast days, for example, may experience seasonal depression, which can damage their emotional, social, and spiritual health, among other things. Having a nice atmosphere around you as well as doing your part to protect the environment can make you feel more fulfilled overall.



Why Is Environmental Wellness Important?

Respect – respect for all of nature and all of the animals that live in it — is the cornerstone of environmental wellbeing. It does not require you to join a movement or group, but it does urge you to adopt environmental-friendly practises.

You will be able to see how your everyday behaviours affect the environment once you become environmentally conscious. Improving this aspect of wellbeing is straightforward and leads to a more balanced existence.

Environmental Wellness tips

There’s a range of activities and behaviours you can implement to improve your Environmental Wellness. We’ve listed some of our favourites below: 

  • Create a healthy, happy living space: Paying attention to any pollutants or chemicals that enter your area is part of creating a healthy and happy living place. Learn more about the chemicals in your cleaning goods and cosmetics, and eliminate any potentially dangerous compounds from your house. Consider where you could decrease your exposure to probable allergens if you have seasonal or environmental allergies.
  • Find little spaces of tranquility: As you go about your daily tasks, you can find small pockets of peace. Find a seat or verandah that you like as you go about. Take a seat and take a minute to just breathe. When you’re inside, pick your favourite window and take a moment to appreciate the view.
  • Make a positive impact on the environment: Consider how you can help the environment in a beneficial way. Simple adjustments add up, so don’t overlook the small things you can do, such as recycling more or bringing your own coffee mug.
  • Make your community a better place: Starting right where they live, everyone has the capacity to make the world a better place. Bring a garbage bag and go on a walk around your neighbourhood picking up rubbish. Outside your entrance, place some potted plants.
  • Foster happy relationships in your home: You want to feel calm, comfortable, and welcomed when you get home following a hard day at work or school. The physical location is simply a small component of the whole experience. Your comfort at home and environmental wellbeing are also influenced by your interactions with the individuals there.
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What are the benefits of Environmental Wellness?

Environmental wellness encompasses not just our relationship with the planet and nature but our relationship with our personal surroundings as well. When our personal surroundings are well cared for, clean and organised, we experience a greater sense of comfort and less anxiety. Here are other benefits of environmental wellness:

  • Feelings of calm and relaxation
  • Pride in surroundings
  • Harmony with nature
  • Deeper relationships with friends and family
  • Finding tranquility in the environment
  • Involvement in the community

dimensions of wellness

The Eight Dimensions of Wellness

Environmental Wellness is one of the eight “dimensions of wellness.”

These are areas where you can improve your mental health and wellbeing.

As you progress towards fulfilling your goals in each dimension, you will experience an increasing sense of achievement and mental wellbeing in all areas of your life.

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