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What Is Emotional Wellness?

The way we feel about life and our experiences can significantly affect our day-to-day activities. Emotional wellness is the capability to handle life’s experiences, uncertainties and events, without an overwhelmingly negative response pattern. If we are emotionally well, we have the resilience to not just cope with our experiences, but to thrive even when we are faced with challenges or changes in our circumstances.

Emotional Wellness interacts with all seven of the other Dimensions of Wellness. Stress in one Dimension of Wellness can cause negative emotional responses, which if not managed, could disrupt our wellness in other areas of life. It’s normal to feel, and it’s also normal to react both positively and negatively, but a pattern of negative emotions can be destructive to your quality of life and self-esteem.
Setting aside time to reflect, maintaining a connection with yourself and others, and also implementing a self-care routine are critical to Emotional Wellness.

Your emotional wellness goal could be as simple as to feel better in your day-to-day, or perhaps you feel you react poorly to certain situations. You may also want to feel more grounded and reduce stress. The information we’ll provide you with will help you work towards a more emotionally well lifestyle.

How to set Emotional Wellness goals

When setting any kind of goal, the key thing to remember is to ensure they are specific, manageable and measurable. Progress doesn’t have to be clearly apparent to others. If you are feeling better and thinking more positive thoughts, then you yourself know that you are becoming more emotionally well. 

Start by thinking about how you feel now, and how you would like to feel in the future. Consider the different areas of your life and how you feel in those settings, such as at home, work and among others. 

Then you need to put a plan in place to reach those goals, and we have some tips for you to consider as part of your Emotional Wellness plan. 

Emotional Wellness tips

There’s a range of activities and behaviours you can implement to improve your Emotional Wellness. We’ve listed some of our favourites below: 

  • Be aware of your reactions: Reflecting on how you react to different situations can help you understand your emotional triggers. Knowing these can help you manage your reactions in future. 
  • Express how you feel: Choose a close friend or family member that you feel comfortable talking to and express how you’re feeling. They may be able to provide you with perspective, but you’ll feel so much better voicing the emotions and thoughts inside. 
  • Connect with others: Whether you want to go on a picnic with your best friend or call a relative, connecting with those who are most important to you can significantly boost Emotional Wellness.
  • Spend time in nature: Getting outdoors and enjoying time in the natural environment can help achieve a sense of balance, and improve Emotional Wellness. 
  • Exercise and move the body: Implementing an exercise routine or simply going for a walk can improve Physical Wellness and Emotional Wellness at the same time!

What are the benefits of Emotional Wellness?

There are many benefits to being emotionally well. Some of them relate to yourself and how you carry out day-to-day activities. Others relate to how you interact with the people around you. Here we’ve listed just some of the benefits of Emotional Wellness:

  • Resilience to change and stress
  • High self-esteem
  • More energy and motivation
  • A greater sense of fulfilment
  • Better sleep patterns
  • Deeper relationships with friends and family
  • More productivity at work

The eight Dimensions of Wellness

Emotional Wellness is one of the eight “dimensions of wellness.”

These are areas where you can improve your mental health and wellbeing.

As you progress towards fulfilling your goals in each dimension, you will experience an increasing sense of achievement and mental wellbeing in all areas of your life.

dimensions of wellness

How Stride can help

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