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Inspiring Mental Health Stories

Mental Health Stories

Hear our clients share their personal experiences, in the hope their stories will encourage others who need help to also reach out.

Mental health stories have the potential to offer solace, guidance, and hope to individuals grappling with their own challenges. Click on the videos below to hear from Stride clients who have bravely navigated the labyrinth of mental health. We hope their stories can provide a beacon of hope and understanding for others who may feel isolated or stigmatised in their struggles.

These stories can also offer practical guidance and coping strategies. Hearing how someone else successfully confronted their issues, whether through therapy, medication, exercise, meditation, or self-care techniques, can be empowering and inspire hope for you or others who are searching for effective mental health solutions.

By portraying mental health as a common part of the human experience rather than a mark of weakness or shame, we encourage open conversations and help combat the stigma that prevents many individuals from seeking the help they need.

We hope through the stories below, other individuals may find the courage to share their own experiences and seek assistance without judgment.

People in their stride

Sal’s Story

Stride eased Sal’s nerves through the NDIS application process. After being approved for an NDIS plan, she has more support and more time for bowling and playing basketball with her friends.

Omar’s Story

Omar receives specialist support from Stride for his individual mental health needs. He feels much better and is less anxious. Stride has made life easier for him.

NDIS Client Experiences – Erin

Stride support worker Erin talks about her client Denny receiving funding for social events and dance classes. Stride supports Denny to feel safer in the community and to be more independent. Denny’s opportunities with us are endless.

Dean’s Story

Dean was approved for NDIS funding for his complex mental health issues. He feels much better now that he has the right support and can get out of the house. Stride changed everything for him.

Richard’s Story

Richard was having a hard time and felt lost before receiving approval for more funding. Stride now supports Richard to reach his weight loss goals, be more independent and to be active in the wider community.

Mirella’s Story

Mirella receives the help she needs from Stride to properly understand paperwork and fill in the forms for NDIS approval.

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