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Our Centre Locations

Head to Health centres are a safe and welcoming space to talk to someone if you, or someone you care about, are in distress, or need help finding the right mental health support to meet your needs. Stride operates the following centres:

62-64 Canning Street
Launceston TAS 7250
Phone: 1800 424 578

Ground Floor
Suite 1, 150 George Street Parramatta NSW 2150
Phone: 1800 595 212

We’re here for you in times of distress

We offer an open door for people experiencing mental health challenges and those supporting them to be heard, find information, treatment and support and a path forward through the mental health system.

At our centres, you will be able to access:

  • immediate, short- and medium-term mental health and wellbeing support
  • support and advice for navigating local mental health services
  • connections and referrals for ongoing support
  • engagement with social and community groups

Visit Head to Health for free and confidential support.

No appointment necessary
No Medicare card required
Open every day.

Whether you’re trying to improve your own sense of wellbeing, looking for help with something that’s bothering you, or helping someone you care about, visiting Head to Health is a good place to start.

We offer caring and helpful support in a calm, safe and inclusive environment. We’re here to help you to understand the type of support you need.

Our staff have skills and experience supporting people experiencing mental health needs and understand what you might be going through whether you are looking for help for yourself or someone you care for.

You can receive support from our team of mental health professionals including:

  • peer support workers
  • family and carer support workers
  • care coordinators
  • allied health professionals
  • aboriginal and bi-lingual workers

A place to talk with
someone who understands.

Refer someone
you know.

If you know someone who may benefit from visiting Head to Health we accept referrals from GPs, mental health services, community services, carers, families and individuals.

Family and friends of people experiencing mental illness can also seek information and advice through our centres.

Referrals are not required to access support. Anyone can contact or walk-in to these centres, whether they already have a GP mental health treatment plan or not.

Our centres are tailored to local needs, providing a welcoming and high-quality experience with a combination of peer-led recovery and clinical support.

We work in partnership with Primary Health Networks (PHNs) to complement services already provided in the community and offer support to help navigate and connect you with other services in the area.

Co-designed to provide
tailored, local support.

Head to Health Phone Service

For free advice and support for your mental health, call Head to Health on 1800 595 212. They can help you access the local mental health services and supports that are right for you – wherever you are in Australia.

Call them between 8.30am – 5pm weekdays (except public holidays).

Emergency Support

If you or someone you care for needs immediate emergency assistance, call 000. For 24-hour mental health support call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Suicide Call Back Service on 1300 659 467.


What is the Head to Health service?

The centres are a safe and welcoming space to talk to someone if you, or someone you care about, are in distress, or need help finding the right mental health support to meet your needs.
You can access the centres by calling 1800 595 212 and asking for support, or by visiting your nearest centre – whatever you feel most comfortable with.

How does Head to Health help adults with mental health issues?

The service helps adults with mental health issues by providing a range of online resources, including information on mental health conditions, self-help tools, and access to professional support services. It aims to empower individuals to take control of their mental health and well-being.

Who can use the Head to Health service?

The Head to Health service is available to all adults, as well as their carers, friends, and family members who are seeking information and support.

Is the Head to Health service free to use?

Yes, the service is free to use. It provides access to a range of online resources and support services at no cost.

Can I access professional support through Head to Health?

Yes, we provide access to professional support services, including online counseling and therapy programs. These services are designed to complement existing mental health care and support options.

How do I access the Head to Health service?

You can access the service by visiting the website and exploring the available resources and support services. You can also access the service through the Head to Health app, available for download on mobile devices. Alternatively you can phone 1800 595 212 to be directed to local support near you.

Can I use Head to Health to support a loved one with mental health issues?

Yes, centres provides resources and support for carers, friends, and family members of individuals suffering from mental health issues. It offers information and tools to help support loved ones through difficult times.

Is my information kept confidential when using the Head to Health service?

Yes, your information is kept confidential when using the service. The service follows strict privacy guidelines to ensure that your information is protected.

Can I access Head to Health if I’m already receiving mental health care?

Yes, you can access the service even if you are already receiving mental health care. The service is designed to complement existing mental health care and support options.

How can I get more information about the Head to Health service?

You can get more information about the service by visiting the website, downloading the Head to Health app or phoning 1800 595 212.

Launceston Head to Health and Parramatta Head to Health are proudly operated by Stride.

Head to Health is a Commonwealth funded mental health initiative that offers access to mental health information, services and supports through multidisciplinary care teams and integration with local services.
Visit the for more information or to find your closest centre.

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