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by Kat Rowe | September 24, 2021

We all know at least one person who is a formal or informal carer for a relative or friend. They often put their own lives and wellbeing on hold to provide unpaid care and it is easy for them to fall through the cracks. National Carers Week is an initiative of Carers Australia, aimed at recognising the profound impact of these individuals in the community. 

We’ve put together this introduction to National Carers Week, so that you can learn more about the occasion, and how you can get involved.

What is a carer?

A carer is a person who provides unpaid care and support across a range of daily activities to someone that has a disability, mental illness, chronic condition, terminal illness or who are of frail age. 

When is National Carers Week in Australia?

The 29th National Carers week runs from Sunday 10th through to Saturday 16th October 2021.

Why was National Carers Week created?

With 11% of the Australian population made up of carers, the opportunity to educate and share services and resources available to support carers in their role has never been so important. 

National Carers Week was created to recognise, celebrate and raise awareness among all Australians about the diversity of carers and their caring roles within the community.

The theme for National Carers week in 2021 is “Millions of Reasons to Care” putting the spotlight on the 2.65 million Australian carers and the incredible contribution they make to the nation.

What are some ideas to observe National Carers Week?

Consider creating or attending a National Carers Week event. It doesn’t need to be complex. It could be a morning tea to thank those carers in your community, or a workplace hosted webinar raising awareness through shared experience or even a fundraising fitness challenge amongst your friends.

What events are held during National Carers Week?

There are a wide variety of events hosted during National Carers Week. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, events in your area may be virtual this year. Visit the National Carers Week website to view the full list of events on offer, or to register an event you plan to host yourself. 

How can I use National Carers Week as an opportunity to show gratitude for my loved one’s carer?

  • Share “Caring for Carers” resources across your social platforms 
  • Join the conversation and use #Carers2021 
  • Promote carer-friendly practices in your workplace
  • Visit Carers Gateway for access to support and resources

Do you need support with your own wellbeing? 

Stride offers programs to support families and carers within their local communities. Find out what’s available in your local area by calling 1300 00 1907

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