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We recognise and understand the feelings of unease and uncertainty many people are experiencing in relation to COVID-19 (coronavirus).

In order to help clarify and provide some facts on COVID-19 we have developed the following FAQ’s. In particular, we also wanted to be clear about how we are continuing to provide services to you.

To do our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19 we are delivering services slightly differently for a little while. Your key worker will discuss with you telephone and online options and work out what suits you best.

In the interest of community safety, over the course of the pandemic we have changed the way we deliver supports from predominantly in-person, to include a mix of in-person, phone and/or web-based video conference in order to ensure the safety of our consumers, our staff, and the wider community.

If you are living in one our residences or attending one of our service sites, we are doing the following to keep everyone safe:
• Implementing tailored COVID-19 safety plans at every site
• Encouraging surgical mask use for both our consumers and our staff where physical distancing cannot be maintained, and more generally where there is high risk or preference
• Continuing our personal hygiene practices e.g. thorough hand washing, coughing and sneezing into the elbow
• Social interactions will take place in larger common areas such as lounge areas, dining areas, or meeting rooms to allow for physical distancing
• Increasing cleaning protocols to minimise the potential of infection
• Practicing social distancing within the site and in outdoor areas
• Reducing trips and external activities to minimise our residents’ exposure
• Monitoring the number of external visitors into each site

We will continue to revisit these measures in line with government guidelines – your health and the health of your family, friends and community are our absolute priority.

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