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by Kat Rowe | May 23, 2022

Stride’s newly launched Launceston Head to Health facility has been widely embraced by the people of Launceston, celebrated as already making a noticeable positive impact on the community.

Since opening our doors in late January 2022, our Launceston mental health services have received over 400 enquiries and supported almost 200 participants in the Launceston region to  access:

  • Immediate mental health support
  • Support to navigate to other suitable Launceston mental health services
  • Information and advice for family and friends of people experiencing mental illness

Feedback from the people of Launceston has been overwhelmingly positive, both from consumers and referred service providers. Participants view our programs as beneficial and frequently and openly express their gratitude for the centre, its people, and its services with multiple participants stating that they feel welcomed, safe, and supported after coming to Launceston Head to Health. 

“Thank you. Please keep doing what you’re doing for the community – we need you!”

Launceston Community Member, March 2022

Addressing the needs of the community

Through a combination of clinical support and peer-led recovery, our purpose-built programs have alleviated wait times for treatment.

In addition to long wait times, we found that the people of Launceston were finding it difficult to connect with a program that addressed their specific needs. We have addressed wait times by being a walk-in centre and offering immediate access to support, as well as the partnerships and referral pathways we have developed with other local services and agencies, which allow us to navigate our participants to the most suitable services for them.

The people of Launceston were also deterred by navigational complexities, and a lack of confidence to make initial contact. If you walk through the doors of the Launceston Head to Health, you will be welcomed and someone will be there to speak with you. If you need additional support,  we will connect you to existing community-run services and assist in navigating their systems.  We are immensely proud of how we have been able to leverage the current support services in the region and guide people to take full advantage of the programs on offer.

“[the staff] were so welcoming and kind, they listened and helped me through my problems. They also helped me with referrals…”

Launceston Community Member, May 2022

The people behind the scenes

The Launceston mental health facility centre nurtures an inclusive and supportive culture, so it is no surprise that the ‘secret sauce’ is our staff.  Having non-clinical staff with a lived mental health experience working alongside clinical staff has been crucial in providing holistic, person-centred care. This approach reduces stigma and provides an authentic, empathetic experience to those seeking mental health respite. 

Working with a brand-new framework means we can be agile and tailor care based on individual needs. As Tasmania’s only free Head to Health facility, continual improvement of the centre is guided by the voice and knowledge of the local community. 

We are honoured to be serving the people of Launceston, and we eagerly wait for our current range of services to expand once we move to our purpose-built site on Canning Street in late 2022.  Development of our new centre is progressing well, and the new space will increase our care capabilities further.

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